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Snore Circle is a revolutionary device that uses modern technology to solve an age old problem…snoring.

Worn at night, this soft, lightweight anti snoring device fits snugly around your ear and monitors your breathing and bone vibrations while you sleep.

When snoring activity is detected, it emits tiny beeps and micro vibrations which make you alter your breathing and change your sleeping position causing you to stop snoring naturally and without interrupting your sleep.

The Snore Circle device also syncs with your mobile phone or tablet to record your sleeping behavior so you can analyse your snoring activity in the morning – it’s like your very own, personal sleep laboratory.


Whatever the underlying cause may be, snoring occurs when our throats relax while we are sleeping. The extra effort required to breath causes us to wake up, sometimes with an explosive gasp (or a kick from your spouse).

Once we’ve woken up, normal breathing resumes and we fall back to sleep. This can happen many times during the night and we are often unaware of these disturbances (except when we feel extra tired in the morning).

The Snore Circle solves this by monitoring your breathing and bone vibrations while you sleep. As soon as it detects that you have started snoring, it emits micro sounds and tiny vibrations which alerts your brain.When your brain receives this signal you wake up softly, change your position and clear your airways.

The Snore Circle catches your snoring activity early and intervenes gently before we start having breathing difficulties and interrupting our partners sleep. The result is a deeper sleep and less snoring.


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Only US$93.37

The latest version of Snore Circle (Ver 3,0) is now available. 

The latest version has been improved and refined based on user feedback. It is 3g lighter and 2mm narrower. It also has a softer silicon coating which makes it really comfortable to wear behind your ear at night.

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Mobile app to stop snoring

There are numerous anti-snoring devices on the market including mouthpieces, chin straps, nasal devices, pillows, pills and sprays. Most of these try and fight the snoring process . . . with limited success.

Snore Circle takes a different approach. It recognizes that the relaxation of the throat during sleep and the brain’s ability to adjust our position and breathing during the night are natural processes which serve a very important function – to keep us alive.

Instead of fighting against the process, the Snore Circle mimics the way our brain deals with snoring, but it intervenes earlier and in a more subtle and unobtrusive manner ensuring that we not only stop snoring, but we continue to sleep soundly.

By monitoring our breathing patterns (just like the brain does while we sleep), the Snore Circle acts before the brain is made aware of our breathing difficulties. By emitting micro sounds and tiny vibrations, it stimulates our natural reaction to adjust our position, clear our airways and stop snoring.

Research indicates that although positive results are experienced almost immediately, the more the device is used, the more effective it becomes. Researchers attribute this to an almost Pavlovian effect – we begin to associate the signals from the Snore Circle with the need to clear our airways and adjust our sleeping position.

Over time, this becomes an autonomous reaction which we do without disrupting our sleep patterns resulting in a virtually snore free and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

In a nutshell, Snore Circle works because it taps into our natural, built-in ability to stop snoring rather than trying to fight against it.


Anti-snoring device benefits

It is natural to be skeptical – especially when it comes to a cure for snoring. There are numerous products on the market which claim to prevent snoring – many of which are either impractical, ineffective or both. What makes Snore Circle any different?

There are two key factors.

Firstly, the Snore Circle works with our natural response to snoring rather than fighting against it. This is crucial. Our evolutionary instincts and natural responses cannot be controlled or over-powered easily. Instead of fighting against these autonomic responses, the Snore Circle works with them – but it hijacks the process to provide a similar, but less disruptive intervention when snoring occurs.

The Snore Circle identifies snoring early on and sends a gentle signal to your brain which causes you to subconsciously change your position and clear your airways and stop snorng.  Instead of waking with a jolt and battling to go to sleep again, you remain in a deeper state of sleep and hardly notice the intervention.

Using modern technology to stop snoring

Secondly, to achieve this, the Snore Circle anti snoring device uses modern technology that was previously unavailable – bone conduction and sound pattern recognition, built-in microprocessors, Bluetooth technology,  smart phone apps, USB charging, low energy batteries as well as high-tech materials such as food grade silicon.

The mass production of these components not only makes it feasible and affordable, but the miniaturization of these components has also allowed us to make a device small and compact enough to wear comfortably behind the ear. We basically are fitting a “mini computer” behind our ears which was improbable, if not impossible, in the past.

Combining these factors with years of research has resulted in a device that can finally help us control snoring. That is why the Snore Circle is so ground breaking and why it works where others have failed. For more information and answers to common questions asked by other customers, please see the FAQ section.


Like many things in life, especially the good ones, the Snore Circle device requires a bit of effort on your side, but if you a really want to stop snoring it will be well worth it . . . and it is not as hard as it sounds.


Firstly, you will have to get used to sleeping with something behind your ear. The Snore Circle is ergonomically designed, extremely light and made out of soft silicon. Many people report that they get used to wearing it at night and some even say that, after a while, it feels odd to go to sleep without the Snore Circle.

Secondly, you need to give it a chance. You should see immediate results, but the Snore Circle works better the more you use it. This is because you gradually become attuned to the tiny beeps and vibrations and will soon find that you hardly notice the interventions and remain in a relatively deep sleep throughout the night.

If you are serious about overcoming your snoring issues, then the Snore Circle is the answer. The device is very easy to use and will eventually become part of your nighttime routine.

Bluetooth wearable to prevent snoring


Mobile app to stop snoring

While you are sleeping, the Snore Circle device stores data relating to your sleeping activity and how many times it intervenes to prevent snoring. This information can be synced to the Snore Circle app on your mobile phone (using Bluetooth) to give you an historical view of your sleeping patterns and snoring incidents.

As a result, the app can give you interesting insights into the quality of your sleep as well as the interventions it took to reduce your snoring on a day by day (or night by night) basis. It is almost like a mini sleep lab on your phone.

The app also allows you to check the battery level and to change various settings on the device via your mobile phone.

You can also use the app to set the intensity and sensitivity of the device. For example, if you are using it on an airplane which has a lot of ambient noise, you should reduce the sensitivity (so it doesn’t respond to external noises) and increase the intensity (so it sends a louder signal when you snore).


by Annemarie on Snore Circle

There are so many anti-snoring gimmicks on the market and I thought the Snore Circle was just another one but after using it for a few weeks I can say that it really works. I love hearing that beep in my ear because I know it has stopped me snoring and irritating my kids. I only gave it 4 stars because the app is really confusing and hard to use but I think it is really good overall.

by Alex Hartmann on Snore Circle

My partner said the frequency of me snoring is much lower now, and that she can finally have a good night's sleep.

by Janice on Snore Circle

Thank you! Thank you. My husband got one a few days ago and I have had 3 beautiful nights sleep in a row. I think you have saved my life or at the least my marriage.

by Peter354 on Snore Circle

Awesome product. it takes a bit of getting used to at first but it really works. I can see the results on the app because I hardly wake up any more. My girlfriend is stoked.

by DavidM on Snore Circle

Finally a cure for snoring. Amazing what technology can do. Well done. Would have given 6 stars!!


“So you are tired of snoring and disturbing your partner at night? With this bluetooth anti snoring device, you can deal with it.”

“Those looking to stop snoring will find the ‘Snore Circle’ to be one of the more advanced options out there when it comes to eliminating the nighttime annoyance.”

“To use this wearable bluetooth device, put it on your ear, turn it on, and you are set.”

“If you are like me, and you want to stop snoring then you will want to try Snore Circle, as I am pretty loud when sleeping It is the world’s smartest anti snoring device.”

“Its portable design makes this Bluetooth anti snoring device a nice travel anti snoring gadget for snorers.”

Give your partner the best gift possible – a good night’s sleep.

Benefits of solving snoring issues

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